We are currently in a crypto mania phase , What is a mania without some tulips. This is tulipcoin, to remind us of what irrational exuberance can do to our logic and thinking.

Wait… is this a joke? Is it a scam?

Neither! This is real—and it’s 100% transparent. This is literally a clone coin POW/POS on the internet. There are no “whitepapers,” no “products,” and no “experts.” It’s just you and your fascination with altcoins.

What can I do with Tulipcoins?

Tulip is a POW/POS coin so it can be mined and staked. Maybe send it to friends, family and fools. Other than that… nothing. Absolutely nothing. (If you don’t know what POW/POS is, you shouldn’t be even reading this)


Can I Mine Tulips?

No Tulip is POS only , irrational exeburance caused some miners to mine the POW blocks very quickly, only Proof Of Stake Now. Go to Discord or trddit for free coins Then stake them to get more free coins automatically


Can I exchange TulipCoins for tulips in the real world?

What?? No you cant exchange it for Tulips in the real world. You haven’t been following so far, TulipCoins have nothing to do with real world tulips and as such they have no value, so please go back to the start of the page and start rereading till you get why


Alright , Alright enough with the condescending tone

How can I start with the coin?


Get the windows wallet from github


Get the Linux QT-Wallet and Daemon from Github release here


To get the source code and build instructions from github

This website is intended solely to provide information about the TulipCoin the POW/POS clone. The information contained herein does not constitute investment advice, or an offer to sell, or the solicitation of any offer to buy any interests in crypto currency, nor is it intended to be used for marketing purposes to any existing or prospective investor in any jurisdiction